Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Men...Skinny? or No Skinny? That is the question...

Ok people! I really wanna address this skinny jean issue because, as most of you know, I always promote individuality. Some fashion observers say skinny jeans' tight hold on certain men stems in part from the wearers' desire to show off their gym-sculpted bodies.

Men are discovering, as women have long known, that the style can be unforgiving. One sometimes must diet and wiggle, tug and stretch to squeeze into a pair of tight jeans (Ok, I admit. Men should not have to do all of that to fit into any jean).

No worries guys! The makers of men's jeans are trying to be more accommodating. Levi Strauss & Co. added room in the seat and thigh in its newest skinny jeans for men. True Religion added what it calls a "four-way stretch" spandex material to its line of men's jeans selling for between $172 and $398. (Worried that men consider spandex in anything other than gym clothes to be for women only, it isn't advertising that detail.) True Religion says 15% of the top-selling men's jeans in its own retail stores were "slim leg" jeans in the first quarter of 2009, up from 11% in the year-ago first quarter.

A Levi spokeswoman says: "Over the past several months, our men's skinny jeans styles have been among our most requested and top-selling jeans."

The rapper Jay-Z taunts skinny-jeans-wearing rappers as effeminate in his recent song "D.O.A." Sample lyric: "You boys jeans too tight, you colors too bright, your voice too light." A spokeswoman said the rapper wasn't available to comment.

Kevin Moran, a 6-foot-tall, 200-pound, 47-year-old New Yorker, says he gets compliments from men and women whenever he wears his low-rise skinny jeans.
"I don't know why some men are so anti-skinny jeans," he says. "I'm sure they think they look just fine in their low baggy jeans that they have to hold up or else they will fall down."
OMG!!!! I am so glad that you said that Mr. Moran!!! I am so sick and tired of men (boys) walking around holding their pants up in the front because they hang so low! Why?? What happens when you need to use both hands????...Besides, you look crazy!!! It is not cute in any shape, sort, or fashion. I am sorry. There is NOTHING fashionable about seeing your whole entire bum and watching you hold up your pants in the process. Anyway, that is another story. We need all day to debate that issue. SMH...

So in conclusion, Skinny or No Skinny??? I think SKINNY. This can be a very fashionable item, if wore well, on any man (just make sure if you are of large frame it compliments your body type). On one hand we have the guy that wears pants 5x's too big and the other who like to wear pants that fit just right w/ a bit of room for comfort...Which guy are you??? My advice: Buy pants that fit and compliment YOU!!! That is key! Here's to fashion & individuality!!! Happy Shopping! ;D


Ok...NO! These are more like leggings! How in the world are you gonna get out of them...lol

7 For All Mankind Skinny

<----Love this skinny! :D

Yes Skinny! Yes! Lol..

Yea...they are getting it in in their skinnys! :D

Friday, January 22, 2010

HauteLook.com!!! MY NEWEST FINDING!!!

HauteLook brings the thrill back to shopping through exclusive, limited-time, online sale events. Each day, HauteLook partners with premium fashion and lifestyle brands to create private, upscale sale events at savings of up to 75% off retail prices. HauteLook is free to join and everyone is welcome.

In the last two years, over 600 high profile brands have chosen HauteLook to host more than 1,200 private sale events for women, men, kids, home, and beauty.
Get in on the site that has everyone talking: HauteLook was chosen by People as one of the top 15 ways to save money, while Extra television called it a "Virtual Shopaholic Heaven."
See what the buzz is all about! Register now by clicking on my personal invitation link: http://www.hautelook.com/invite/MADfashion to become a HauteLook member.

I absolutely love the concept of this site. They feature items from Haute Couture to your everyday wear...items from high budget to low! They really do have awesome deals on fashion! I encourage everyone to check it out!!

For example:

This Coco Chanel Unisex Ceramic White Watch is originally priced at $8,250.00 and has been marked down for the limited time only sale for ONLY $6,105.00!!!...ok, so that's for my fashion forward individuals who have a high budget and a craving for fashionable
watches! ;)

Then, they have this LINE Knitwear Joystick Vest that is super soft and has a flowing, asymmetrical hem and comfy pockets. Looks absolutely stunning with your favorite simple tee! This vest is originally priced at $60.00 and has been marked down to a whopping $24.00 (that's 60% off people!!!!)



Fashion Out!!! ;)

Monday, July 27, 2009

European Street Fashion!

I'm really loving the European street styles! They really have a way of embracing individuality and personal style...and that's what makes FASHION! Add a variety of colors and patterns together, things that are out of the ordinary, and you could create your own European inspired fit...

The term 'Street Fashion' is used to describe fashion where the creator personally customizes the outfits by adopting a mixture of current and traditional trends. 


The Look Book Features Ruffles!!!!

Isabel Marant

Rock & Republic 

Isabel Marant

Collette Dinnigan



Isabel Marant



Phillip Lim

          So I can see that ruffles are really in for the year, in every season, so I have listed varies looks that can be duplicated w/o breaking your pockets. Listed are designs from Rock & Republic to Isabel Marant to Phillip Lim, giving you a fresh, edgy look for ALL your ruffling needs! Enjoy! 

Monday, March 30, 2009

Designer of the Week:

The Designer of the Week is Michael Ball. He is the owner and head designer for Rock & Republic, a collection defined by denim reinvented with a modern edge and feel inspired by rock and music. You can locate many of his designs at Bloomingdales, Barneys New York, and Bergdorf Goodman; or go directly to http://www.rockandrepublic.com/. The brand has expanded with a full ready-to-wear collection, as well as beauty, eye wear, handbags, maternity, and shoe lines, and has plans for its' first three freestanding stores in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York.

I chose the outfit above from his 2009 Spring Collection that he launched at Fashion Week New York. To duplicate this outfit go to http://www.hottopic.com/ to find a pair of white skinny jeans by Tripp for only $39, http://www.forever21.com/ for the Fab Basic Cami (every woman's closet essential in more than 10 colors) that is priced at an amazing $2.50, http://www.wilsonsleather.com/ to find none other than Sean John's fitted baseball jacket with a full-zip front and stand-up collar for only $79.99, and http://www.shoeocean.com/ for the Anne Michelle Envy-21 women sandal with a incredible 5" heel and a 1.5" platform for $19.99. You can duplicate this amazingly sexy outfit for under a whopping $150.oo!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! :)

The Colors of the Season:

- Uplifting fruity lemons and limes

- Vibrant blues and greens

- Soft lavender also makes it's way to the list

Traditionally, Spring fashion is definitely a time for blossoms and brights! These are all shades to wear Spring 2009 if you're feeling really Spring-y!

Summary of Spring Colors

The Blue Hues

Palace Blue — a favorite amongst designers which takes a navy undertone and makes it sparkle. A cross between a sky blue and strong navy. This is a color which works with almost any other, pink, yellow, lavender or green.
Lavender — the regal purple of fall has been adapted to a softer lighter lilac, feminine and romantic, and slightly mystical.
Rose Dust — a pale pinky blue, which is a welcome break from traditional neutrals.

Slate Gray — a cool and calming nuanced neutral and is a perfect pairing to lavender hues.

The Red Hues

Fuchsia Red –—Vibrant yet seductive, powerful and robust. Fresh and dazzling, fuchsia features heavily in nail polish and lipsticks too.
Salmon Rose — Mixing a soft salmon pink with the subtleness of oranges which is flattering to most complexions and gives a warm healthy glow.

The Green Hues

Vibrant Green — a mossy mid-green which is bright but not harsh
Dark Citron — a calm, almost olive color which blends perfectly with this season’s lemon tones. Lucite Green — a clean, subtle, soft green which adds a slight shimmer


Super Lemon — brings a fun, optimistic outlook to the Palette

Fashion Celeb of the Week Pick:

The Fashion Celeb of the Week Pick is Taraji P. Henson. She was chosen because of her great acting history and lack of recognition for her acting roles. She recently won a 2009 Grammy Award for best supporting actress in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Her role in a variety of movies, television shows, and music videos has allowed recognition for an opportunity to achieve her goals that she has set for her acting career. Ms. Henson is a single mother and great role model for aspiring actors all over the world. Chosing to put love on hold until He places the right guy in her life at the right time has allowed her to focus on the journey of following her dreams of being a widely known international actress. You go girl!

Listed below is a alternative route to duplicate the outfit above without breaking your pockets. The dress is a Bow Bodice Sexy Pencil Dress by BeBe that can be found at http://www.bebe.com/. This sweetheart bodice dress is priced at only $159! You can never go wrong with a dress like this...The shoe is a Patent Snake Caged Heel by Go Jane that can be found at http://www.gojane.com/. It has a 4" heel and can purchased in sizes from 5.5 to 10. This shoe is also available a variety of colors. The regular price for this sexy shoe is $30.50! What a great bargain!